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Hello, welcome to my review of the AI Publishing Academy. 

If you’re seeking publishing success and looking to make money online through self-publishing on Amazon, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth analysis of the AI Publishing Academy and how it can help aspiring authors and publishers like yourself achieve their goals.

I’m sure many of you found this article looking for more proof that AI Publishing Academy is the real deal.

So let me first tell you my publishing story that led to AI Publishing Academy.

My Story That Led Me To AI Publishing Academy

If you are reading these words then you are looking for a way to make money online. 

Congratulations, most people never even get this far. 

And most people will never even consider buying a course and investing money into themselves through a publishing business.

You are probably having doubts about even trying an online business.

I get it, there are so many gurus online selling the latest get-rich-quick story that it’s hard to know what is real and what is not. 

So I understand your skepticism. 

So let me tell you my story and then you can decide for yourself if self-publishing and the Publishing life are for you.

So let’s rewind to 2014.

Yes, that sounds like a million years ago.

I was watching YouTube videos online in South Korea where I was working at the time and I saw a video about a guy who was talking about selling eBooks online and making $8000 a month from his books.

I’m not going to name the course name, but let’s just say he was one of the first guys in the space of self-publishing.

At the time I was looking for a way to make money online and I decided that I was going to invest $97 in the course and access to the Facebook group.

The course explained the whole process and exactly what to do.

This is what I love about online courses, you just follow step by step and execute, and the more action you take the more you learn.

Exactly a month after I bought the course I made $0.60.

I couldn’t believe it, I just made my first money online.

I can’t explain how excited I was.

I made money from a simple book of 40 pages that I wrote myself.

Soon I started making more money.

I built that business up to $1000 a month in my first year and then 2000 dollars in my second, but I couldn’t get past the $2500 a month mark.

I later realized that it was mostly down to mindset.

A lot of new entrepreneurs have a negative mindset about believing it’s going to work out.

That mindset held me back from committing 100% to the business even though at the time I was making more money than ever before and I was also getting my salary from my job.

In 2016 I went through a dip because of some challenges in my personal life and in 2017 I got sidetracked by other business ventures.

In 2017 I fell for the shiny object syndrome, something that many modern online entrepreneurs fall for.

The shiny object syndrome is when you get distracted by other “better” business opportunities online and then lose focus of what your original goal was.

It almost always leads to a negative outcome.

The good thing about self-publishing is that even when I wasn’t giving it 100% of my attention for 2 years I was still making $2000 consistently without giving it much attention.

In 2018 I got my focus back and again like in 2014 I was looking for solutions online. 

The guy who taught me the Amazon self-publishing game disappeared and was focused on other businesses. 

And in the meantime, self-publishing had become more popular. 

So again I was watching YouTube when I noticed videos about these 2 young guys that were making $10000-$20000(it could have been more,but that’s the number I remember) a month selling Audiobooks.

This number did not include their paperback sales.

The 2 guys were the Mikkelsen twins.

At that time I didn’t know the Mikkelsen twins.

But they seemed genuine in their videos and like in 2014 I decided I needed to trust these guys and go all in.

At that time (2018) I think the course was $800.It was version 1 of the course.

I’m not sure but I think it was $800 or $900 of the course and access to the Facebook community.

And even to this day the Facebook group is probably still one of the most important parts of the course.

I bought the course in August 2018 and started taking action immediately.

I had the advantage of having some experience in the self-publishing world with some limited success with paperbacks and ebooks.

But I never broke the $3000 mark a month in KDP self-publishing before 2018.

But as I bought the course I also decided to quit my full-time job and go all in on publishing and audiobooks.

It paid off,1 year later in November 2019 I broke $11000 a month, and then in May 2020 I broke $15000 a month for just Audiobooks sales.

If you add my paperback sales I passed $20000 in March 2020.

So a year and a half after I committed to the course I was finally in a position to do what I wanted.

Suddenly my world was different.

I didn’t have to worry about paying the bills and I could travel wherever I wanted.

In 2021 I moved to Dubai to continue building my business.

It’s now 2024 and it’s nearly 5 and a half years of me not working a 9-5 job.

When you get freedom everything changes.

You suddenly realize how valuable your time is.

And you realize that if you trust someone like I trusted the Mickelson Twins and then commit then anything is possible.

Was it easy?

No, it wasn’t easy.

It took hard work.

And my story isn’t even that exceptional.

All the testimonials you see on the Publishing Life website are true.

Yes, guys making $40000 -$60000 a month, it’s all real.

Will everyone make that?


But there is no reason why you can’t if you do the work.

I laugh at people contacting me asking me if it’s real.

I dont laugh in their faces but I just don’t respond to their Facebook messages.

Firstly I don’t reply because there are too many messages.

And secondly, I don’t reply because I think you need to take that mental leap of faith just like I did.

And I can’t help you do that.

You must realize on your own that not everyone online is a scam artist.

There are some good guys online and the Mickelson Twins are some of those good guys.

After you take a leap of faith you need to realize that you need to do the work, because it’s not easy.

But it is still easier than most other business models out there as I will explain later.

But you must realize that for you to be successful in this business or any other business you need to make a shift in the way you think.

Entrepreneurship will develop you like nothing else in the world.

You will look back and see you have become someone else.

But remember the mindset is this: 

Believe that it’s possible for you, be okay with being vulnerable as a beginner. 

Lastly, you must make peace with the fact that business involves risk.

If you want to be successful then you must be ok with calculated risks.

Success is impossible without it.

There is a chance that you can fail.

This is the reality of any business, no matter how good the course is.

If it was easy everyone would be successful.

The ones that win are the ones that are willing to do whatever it takes.

They understand the risks and know that things will go wrong sometimes, but they dust themselves off and push forward.

Those are the people that are successful with self-publishing and any other business.

It’s all a mindset.

The successful guys think differently.

If you want to ask me the same question many people online ask me: 

“Hennie, I saw you online. I just wanted to ask you if the course is good and the real deal?”

Or like this guy who wanted to know if it’s a scam.

I will finally give all those people and you the reader the answer:

Yes, the course is the real deal.

It changed my life, it gave me financial freedom and put me in the position to travel the world and be a digital nomad. 

The course will give you all the tools you need, but you must do the work and invest in the course what is required. 

This course and this business are not for everyone. 

But it is for these people who are hungry to change their lives and are willing to pay whatever price to get it. 

That includes investing money into their businesses, and working late nights even if you have a full-time job. 

It includes overcoming the reality of some book projects failing (and some will), and then regrouping, learning, and publishing again. 

If you are willing to have this relentless attitude then yes you can be very successful with this business.

So it comes down to you. 

You must ask yourself the question: 

How badly do you want it?

If you want it badly enough then you will reach your goals.

Before we continue with the second part of this article let’s make something clear to many people out there:

Yes you will have to invest into your own business.

Some people buy the AIA course and are then surprised that their business still has some expenses.

In the real world business has expenses,this is also the case in the publishing world.

So don’t be one of those people who think after you paid for the course you get a free ride.

You will need to pay for cover designers, ghostwriters and other small costs in your business.

So just keep that in mind before you make a decision whether this is for you or not.

So now,what is AI Publishing Academy?

And how does the whole publishing process work?

What is AI Publishing Academy?

Welcome to the AI Publishing Academy, an innovative program designed to empower aspiring authors in their self-publishing journey.

In this section, I will introduce you to the AI Publishing Academy and provide an overview of what this program entails and how it can benefit you.

The AI Publishing Academy is a comprehensive online course that equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve publishing success and make money online through self-publishing on Amazon. 

Also,keep in mind you don’t have to be a writer to be successful in this business.

Many self publishers only use ghostwriters to write their books.

While others write some books and outsource the rest to ghostwriters.

The whole process gets explained in the AIA Publishing Academy.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience in the publishing industry, this program caters to individuals of all skill levels.

The Curriculum:

  • The fundamentals of self-publishing: Learn the ins and outs of the self-publishing process, from brainstorming book ideas to formatting and publishing your work on Amazon.
  • Optimizing book titles and descriptions: Discover how to create captivating book titles and compelling descriptions that grab the attention of potential readers.
  • Cover design and formatting: Gain insights into creating professional book covers and formatting your manuscripts for various publishing platforms.
  • Marketing and promotion strategies: Explore effective marketing and promotion techniques to maximize your book’s visibility and attract a wider audience.

The Features and Benefits:

  • Expert guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who have achieved significant success in the self-publishing industry.
  • Interactive learning materials: Access video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and worksheets that facilitate your learning and progress.
  • Community support: Engage with a community of like-minded authors where you can ask questions, share insights, and receive valuable feedback.
  • Lifetime access: Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit modules whenever needed.
  • Continuous updates: Benefit from regular updates and additions to the course content, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest publishing trends and strategies.

By enrolling in the AI Publishing Academy, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the world of self-publishing successfully.

This publishing program sets you on the path to becoming a published author or publisher and growing your online income through your books.

Mastering Self-Publishing

In the world of publishing, self-publishing has emerged as a game-changer, granting aspiring authors or publishers the freedom to bring their works to life without relying on traditional publishing houses. 

If you are looking to embark on a self-publishing journey, mastering the process is essential for success. 

In this section, I will share insights on how to navigate the self-publishing landscape and maximize your reach through Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), the leading platform for self-published authors.

The Power of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing offers numerous advantages, giving you complete control over your publishing journey. 

With self-publishing, you can bypass the long and often arduous process of traditional publishing, enabling you to bring your book to readers faster. 

Additionally, you retain creative control, deciding on every aspect of your book, from cover design to pricing.

Amazon KDP, the self-publishing platform offered by Amazon, is the most important player in the industry, providing authors with the tools and resources needed to publish their books and make them available to a global audience. 

This is one of the best parts of a KDP Self Publishing business,you get access to the massive Amazon market.

Which means you don’t need to look for customers,they will look for you.

Let’s explore how you can leverage Amazon KDP to publish your books and achieve maximum visibility.

Utilizing Amazon KDP for Self-Publishing Success

To get started with self-publishing on Amazon, setting up an account with Amazon KDP is the crucial first step. 

Once your account is set up, you can easily upload your manuscript, book cover, and other relevant details. 

Amazon KDP supports various formats, including eBooks and paperback books, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable format for your book.

When it comes to maximizing your reach on Amazon, optimizing your book’s metadata is essential. 

This includes selecting appropriate keywords, writing compelling book descriptions, and choosing relevant categories.

By optimizing your metadata, you improve the chances of your book appearing in relevant search results, increasing its discoverability among potential readers.

Maximizing Visibility and Sales on Amazon

While publishing your book on Amazon is a significant milestone, it’s crucial to take additional steps to maximize visibility and increase sales. 

Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Create an eye-catching book cover: A visually appealing cover can draw readers in and increase the likelihood of them clicking on your book.
  2. Request reviews: Positive reviews can boost your book’s credibility and attract more readers. Encourage your readers to leave reviews and consider reaching out to book review websites or influencers in your genre.
  3. Promote your book: Leverage social media platforms, book promotion websites, and email marketing to spread the word about your book. Engage with readers and create a community around your work.
  4. Utilize Amazon Advertising: Amazon offers advertising services that can help increase your book’s visibility on the platform. Consider running targeted ads to reach your intended audience more effectively.
  5. Participate in Amazon KDP Select: This optional program allows you to make your eBook exclusive to Amazon for a certain period. In return, you gain access to promotional tools and increased visibility within the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library programs.

By implementing these strategies and actively promoting your book, you can increase its visibility, attract more readers, and ultimately boost sales.

Leveraging AI for Publishing Success

In today’s digital age, leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become crucial for achieving publishing success and making money online through self-publishing on Amazon. 

The AI Publishing Academy offers a comprehensive set of tools and techniques designed to empower authors in optimizing their publishing efforts.

By utilizing AI algorithms and data-driven insights, the AI Publishing Academy equips authors with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize their online earnings. 

This includes:

  • AI-powered Book Research: The AI Publishing Academy provides access to advanced research tools that leverage AI to identify profitable niches and keywords. This enables authors to make data-backed decisions when selecting book topics and titles.
  • Automated Editing and Proofreading: With AI-powered editing and proofreading tools, authors can streamline the editing process and ensure their books are error-free. These tools use natural language processing algorithms to detect grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, saving authors valuable time and effort.
  • AI-driven Marketing Strategies: The AI Publishing Academy equips authors with AI-powered marketing strategies to effectively promote their books on Amazon and other online platforms. These strategies include personalized book recommendations, targeted advertising campaigns, and data-driven pricing strategies.

By leveraging AI, authors can achieve greater visibility for their books, attract a larger audience, and ultimately increase their online earnings. 

The AI Publishing Academy empowers authors to harness the power of AI technology and make their mark in the self-publishing industry.

Selling Audiobooks on Amazon and Audible

When it comes to reaching a wider audience and maximizing your earnings as an author, selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible is a crucial strategy to consider. 

These popular platforms provide a vast marketplace for audiobook enthusiasts and offer great opportunities for self-published authors like myself.

To help you effectively promote and monetize your audiobook publications, here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Create High-Quality Recordings: The success of your audiobooks hinges on the quality of the recording. Invest in a professional narrator or consider narrating the book yourself if you have a good voice and recording equipment. Make sure the audio is clear and well-edited to enhance the listening experience.
  2. Optimize Your Audiobook Metadata: When listing your audiobook on Amazon and Audible, pay close attention to the metadata. Write compelling descriptions with relevant keywords to improve discoverability. Additionally, choose appropriate categories and tags to ensure your audiobook reaches the right audience.
  3. Promote Across Multiple Channels: Don’t rely solely on Amazon and Audible for promotion. Leverage your website or blog, social media platforms, and email lists to create buzz around your audiobook. Consider collaborating with influential book bloggers, influencers, and podcasters to gain additional exposure.
  4. Offer Sample Chapters: Give potential listeners a taste of your audiobook by providing sample chapters or excerpts. This will help them make an informed decision and increase the chances of them purchasing the full audiobook.
  5. Encourage Reviews: Positive reviews play a vital role in boosting your audiobook’s credibility and visibility. Ask your readers to leave honest reviews on Amazon and Audible after listening to your audiobook. Offer incentives, such as exclusive bonus content, for those who write a review.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly increase your chances of selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible. 

Remember to continuously monitor and optimize your marketing efforts to achieve the best results. 

Maximizing Sales with Paperback Books

When it comes to self-publishing, it’s important not to overlook the power of paperback books. 

While digital publishing has its advantages, offering physical copies of your books can significantly boost your sales. 

In fact for most publishers paperback books are the largest part of their monthly royalties.

People still prefer to buy paperback books and in my opinion this will always be the case.

Paperback books provide readers with a tangible, tactile experience that simply can’t be replicated in the digital realm.

So why should you consider adding paperback versions to your publishing repertoire? Here are some key benefits:

  • Expanded Reach: By offering paperback books, you cater to readers who prefer the feel of a real book in their hands. This expands your potential audience and allows you to reach new readers who may not be as inclined to purchase digital copies.
  • Increased Credibility: Physical books lend an added level of credibility to your work. Readers often associate printed books with higher quality and professionalism, leading to increased trust in your author brand.
  • Collectability: Paperback books can become collectibles, especially if you establish a dedicated fan base. Collectors often value signed or limited edition physical copies, creating a sense of exclusivity and increased demand.
  • Gifts and Merchandise: Physical books make great gifts, allowing your readers to introduce your work to others. Additionally, paperback books can be bundled with merchandise such as bookmarks, stickers, or other branded items, creating additional revenue streams.

Now that you understand the benefits of paperback books, it’s essential to develop strategies to maximize your sales:

  1. Optimize Your Cover Design: Design an eye-catching cover that stands out both online and on the bookstore shelves. Your cover should be visually appealing and convey the essence of your book’s genre and content.
  2. Create Compelling Blurbs: Craft engaging and enticing back cover blurbs that captivate potential readers and spark their curiosity. A well-written blurb can be the difference between someone picking up your book or putting it back on the shelf.
  3. Offer Discounts and Special Promotions: Use promotions and discounts to encourage readers to choose your paperback version over the digital edition. Limited-time offers, bundle deals, or exclusive signed copies can help generate excitement and boost sales.
  4. Engage with Bookstores and Libraries: Establish relationships with local bookstores and libraries to promote your paperback books. Offer to do book signings, participate in author events, or donate copies to local libraries to increase visibility and generate buzz.

By understanding the value of paperback books and implementing effective sales strategies, you can capitalize on this often overlooked avenue of self-publishing, reaching more readers and maximizing your sales potential.

Making Money Online with Self-Publishing

When it comes to self-publishing, the potential to make money online is unlimited. 

As a self-published author or publisher, you have the freedom to control your own destiny and create a sustainable income based on your hard work and talent.

Here are some proven methods and monetization strategies that can help you maximize your earnings as a self-published author:

  1. Optimize your book for discoverability: To make money online, it’s essential to optimize your book’s metadata and keywords. This will help potential readers find your book easily on platforms like Amazon.
  2. Take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited: By enrolling your book in Kindle Unlimited, you can earn royalties every time a subscriber reads your book. This can significantly boost your earnings and increase your visibility among avid readers.
  3. Run targeted advertising campaigns: Utilize platforms like Amazon Advertising and Facebook Ads to target your ideal readers. By running well-crafted ads, you can drive more traffic to your book and increase sales.
  4. Create a series or a book bundle: By writing a series or bundling your books together, you can encourage readers to purchase more of your books at once, increasing your overall sales and revenue.
  5. Offer additional content or bonuses to readers: Providing extra content, such as bonus chapters or companion guides, can entice readers to purchase your books or sign up for your newsletter, helping you build a loyal and engaged fan base.

Remember that success in self-publishing takes time and effort.

It’s crucial to keep refining your writing skills, engaging with your readers, and staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

By implementing these strategies and using the power of self-publishing on platforms like Amazon, you can turn your passion for writing into a profitable online business.


So this was muy review of the AIA Publishing Academy.I also gave you a quick overview of the publishing process and some tips to help you get started.

In conclusion, the AI Publishing Academy provides a comprehensive and effective platform for aspiring authors to achieve their self-publishing goals. 

With the support and guidance offered by the AI Publishing Academy, authors can confidently navigate the world of self-publishing and turn their writing passion into a profitable venture.

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