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When it comes to upgrading your travel experience, leading airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Emirates, and Qatar Airways have got you covered. 

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or simply looking to indulge in a premium journey, business class seating offers an range of benefits that will make your time in the air a better experience.

But for those of you looking for a quick answer to your question.The best long haul flights are Singapore Airlines.In this article I will tell you why and give you some insights on the airlines I usually fly with.

Because I travel a lot in East Asia and the middle east you will see most of the airlines from these areas.

Business Class Seating Depends On The Route

One thing to keep in mind when choosing business class for most airlines is that business class seating will be different for different routes.

For Example,a long haul flight from South Africa to Singapore which is a popular route will have a new aircraft and great seats.

But if you fly a short route between Singapore and Bangkok the aircraft will be older and the seats smaller and not as comfortable as their premier fleet.

This is not an official policy but just based on my experience.

I think airlines use their older fleet for short and less popular routes,but again,this is just my opinion based on experience.

Comparison of Leading Airlines’ Business Class Seating

When it comes to business class seating, Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Emirates, and Qatar Airways stand out as top contenders.

Each airline offers unique features, luxurious cabin layouts, and exceptional services that cater to discerning travelers.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of my favorite airlines.They have consistently good service and their long haul flights in business class are excellent.

On a recent flight I had one of the most comfortable seats with my own mini-cabin with lots of privacy.

So you will not be disappointed:

  • Singapore Airlines provides spacious and comfortable seats that can be transformed into fully flat beds, ensuring a restful journey.
  • Their business class cabins are designed to offer privacy with individual dividers and direct aisle access for every seat.
  • Passengers can indulge in delectable gourmet meals and enjoy an extensive selection of entertainment options.

Asiana Airlines

Korean Air and Asiana are the 2 big airlines in South Korea.

I have only flown with Asiana once in Business Class and that was recently between Seoul and Bangkok.

It was on an Airbus A380.

The Seat was comfortable but since I am a bigger guy my legs were just slightly too long to sleep 100% stretched out with my legs.Keep in mind it was only a 5 hour flight.

But other than that the service and staff was very good.

  • Asiana Airlines offers a cozy and refined business class experience with seats that can recline into full flat beds.
  • Their cabins are designed to provide ample space and privacy, allowing passengers to work or relax comfortably.
  • In-flight dining options include a variety of international cuisines, and passengers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment choices during their journey.

Korean Air

I have flown with Korean Air a few times and they have a very consistent flight service.The staff was very kind and professional and the seats in business class was very comfortable.

I would rate tier seats as good for a short route.

I usually fly Korean Air between Hong Kong and Seoul and for a short flight the seats and service was excellent.

Korean Air in my opinion is one of the best in East Asia.

  • Korean Air features business class seats that offer optimal comfort and privacy, equipped with an advanced massage function.
  • Their spacious cabins are designed with easy aisle access for all passengers and offer a calm and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Passengers can savor a selection of Korean and international dishes, and enjoy a diverse range of entertainment options.


Emirates always delivers a consistently good product.

Their seats on the routes I fly are not as spacious as Singapore airlines but they are still very comfortable.

The thing about Emiratis is they always make up for any shortcomings with good service and very professional staff.

So I always recommend Emirates.

  • Emirates provides luxurious business class suites with private mini-bars, ensuring a high level of comfort and convenience.
  • Their cabins offer privacy partitions and sliding doors, creating a serene and uninterrupted travel experience.
  • Passengers can indulge in gourmet dining options and enjoy the latest entertainment systems on their personal 23-inch screens.

Qatar Airways

Qatar is always competing for the top airline in the world and for good reason.

They put out a consistently good product.

In terms of seating in business class they are excellent.

If you fly on one of their new aircraft you will experience a very comfortable seat and good service.

  • Qatar Airways offers spacious and elegantly designed business class seats that can be transformed into fully flat beds.
  • Their cabins provide exclusive seating areas with direct aisle access, allowing for undisturbed privacy throughout the journey.
  • Passengers can savor world-class cuisine prepared by renowned chefs and enjoy a wide range of entertainment options.


Whether you opt for Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Emirates, or Qatar Airways, you can expect good service.

Some airlines are slightly better than others in certain categories.

In my experience in terms of just looking at seating on long haul flights Singapore Airlines has the most comfortable seating.

Again this goes for long haul flights only.

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