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Many individuals believe that simply having a large following and creating a digital product will guarantee its success.

However, this assumption can lead to a disastrous digital product launch.

With countless creators on the internet, it is unrealistic to expect that announcing your product will automatically attract customers.

While having an audience can contribute to sales, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out launch plan to avoid disappointment

A lot of people release ebooks ,video courses or coaching programs and end up disapointed and find out that it did not generate many sales or did not lead to any new customers.

Most People Have No Stategy

When you ask  people about their launch strategy most people say something like the following:

“I would post a tweet every day on my timeline and pin it to the top.”

“I would share it on my Facebook Profile.”

In essence, most people put minimal effort into their product launches.

They have no strategy,they just share and hope for the best.

Most people fail to:

  • Create excitement or anticipation
  • Generate awareness about the launch
  • Demonstrate his competence

All most people do is compose a tweet, pin it, and expect their 20000 or 150000 followers to eagerly purchase their product.

Unfortunately, this approach does not align with reality.

Align With Reality

To have a successful launch, you need to have a PLAN.

You must establish yourself as an EXPERT.

You should inform people about your upcoming product.

To make matters worse, most people will launch a product and then the price is for only $15 (low-cost).

For example,if you had over 300000 followers on social media,  YOU CAN EXECUTE A LAUNCH PROCESS PROPERLY (by raising awareness, building anticipation, showcasing competence and expertise, etc.), YOU would have garnered at least 1000-2000 sales at that price point (less than 0.5% of his audience).

Due to his lack of a comprehensive launch strategy, he likely made fewer than 300 sales.

In other words, instead of earning over $20,000, he only generated less than $4,000 in sales from his launch

A successful launch involves more than just tweeting,posting or sending an email.

It requires a well-executed strategy.

Even major companies like Tesla and Apple have their own launch strategies.

They don’t simply announce, “Hey, you can buy this now.”

Throughout my career, I have successfully launched numerous products.

These include selling thousands of eBooks and  video courses that generate significant monthly revenue under diffrent brands and pen names.

Over the years, I have experienced launches with varying degrees of success.

Some generated as little as $300 during launch week, while others brought in almost $80,000.

Having launched products numerous times, I have developed a replicable method for launching digital products.


Build Long Term Success

Long-term business success depends on having a solid understanding of product launching strategy for a number of reasons:

1.Market positioning: A carefully thought-out product launch aids in the product’s successful placement in the marketplace.

It enables a business to stand out from rivals by explaining to the target market its special value proposition.

This first positioning can establish a strong brand identity and set the stage for long-term success.

2.Creating Buzz and Excitement: With buzz building your customers are excited and will anticipate a well-planned product launch.

In addition to generating initial sales, this buzz builds momentum that can be used to achieve long-term success.

It draws in more potential clients and increases brand exposure.

3.Developing Customer Relationships: Interacting with customers and getting their input is made possible by a successful product launch.

Understanding client preferences, problems, and expectations through this engagement can be helpful for improving the product and creating new products for the future.

Developing trusting relationships with clients promotes recurring business and loyalty.

This long term thinking will make you a lot more money.

4.Maximizing Sales and Revenue: A successful product launch will result in a spike in sales, which will maximize revenue.

This revenue supplies resources for growth,future product development and expansion in addition to aiding in the short-term profitability of the business. 

5.Changing with the Market: Businesses learn a lot about consumer behavior and market dynamics by organizing and carrying out a well planned product launch.

This information is crucial to recognize new opportunities, adjust to shifting market conditions, and outperform rivals. 

6.Long-Term Brand Building: A product launch is an opportunity to enhance your brand reputation and image in addition to introducing a new offering.

Gaining clients’ confidence and credibility during product launches requires consistently providing high-quality products and unforgettable experiences.

So make sure you always over deliver with the value you provide with your products and services.

A well-executed plan for launching a product essentially creates the foundation for long-term growth and profitability.

This happens by creating a strong brand, cultivating relationships with customers, increasing sales, and enabling ongoing adaptation to market changes.

digital product

Do Not Rely On Luck

Relying on luck when launching a product is like setting sail without a map or a compass — it might work out, but the odds are stacked against you.

Launching a product is much like setting sail—you wouldn’t count on fickle winds to guide you to your destination; you need a compass and a map.

Relying on luck is like trusting the wind to blow just right.

This approach is unpredictable and unreliable.

Strategy, on the other hand, equips you with a plan, a clear understanding of the market, and a contingency for every potential storm.

It’s about knowing your audience, meticulously crafting your marketing campaigns, timing your launch, and preparing for feedback and adjustments.

Strategy is key because it’s the difference between wandering aimlessly and moving towards success with purpose and precision.

It’s about stacking the deck in your favor, so when your product hits the online market, it’s not up in the air—it’s ready to fly straight into the hands of eager customers.


The internet is home to thousands of creators, so just because you show up one day and announce that you have a product doesn’t guarantee that people would rush to buy from you.

If you have a following, sales will follow, but if you don’t have a launch plan, you will be let down and end up disapointed.

Remeber the old saying “Fail to plan plan to fail.”

If you want to learn more about product launches CLICK HERE.


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