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Thinking of quitting your job, working for yourself, and traveling the world?

It’s a good goal to have and in my opinion, something you should at least try out once in your life.

If you are thinking about it let me share some of the lessons I have learned so far before you decide to take the leap and get on an airplane.

Remember, This Lifestyle Is Not For Everyone, And That’s OK

You might be hesitant about becoming a digital nomad and that’s ok, remember it’s not for everyone.

The lifestyle is not just all a pleasure, you will still go through the challenges of life.

That said, the upside of the lifestyle can’t be explained to someone who hasn’t done it.

The reality is that you might hate it or you will love it.

And the only way to find out is to give it a go and see if it’s for you or not.

Commit to at least 6 months and see if you can handle all the conflicting emotions that you will encounter on your journey.

The good news is you do not have to be a full-time digital nomad, the great thing about location-independent work is that you don’t even have to leave your city or country to live freely.

You can be a digital nomad for 3 months a year and then return.

It’s your choice, but only you can find out if the lifestyle is for you or not by jumping in and giving it a go.

Don’t Try And See Everything, Less Is Better

When you start your planning on what you where you are going to go don’t overdo it.

Dont try and see 30 countries in 6 months.

I know a lot of people out there think their bucket list is more important than actually enjoying the experience and getting under the surface of a country.

But in my experience, most digital nomads miss out on really getting a feel for a country and the culture by just staying for a few weeks and then moving on.

Rather limit your list of countries in a year to 4 or 5.

I would even go as far as just going to 1 or 2 a year.

And guess what? If you enjoy a certain country city, stay as long as you like.

Dont travel for your Instagram page, travel because it’s something you want to do.

Find The Balance Between What You Like And Exploring

In the previous point I talked about less is better and not trying to see everything.

This links up with finding a balance between what you like and then exploring what you like.

I get it, the whole point of traveling is to have new experiences and figure out if the country is for you or not.

But certain aspects you will already know by just doing a Google search.

For example, one of my friends absolutely hates cold weather.

I mean, it could be the greatest city in the world but if the temperature is below freezing he hates it.

The good thing is that he knows that part of himself and doesn’t deny it.

So he avoids cold countries and prefers to explore countries with warm or hot weather.

Ask yourself what type of culture will appeal to you.

What you think you will like and go to those countries first as a digital nomad, then you will have a soft landing in your new lifestyle.

People are different and like different things.

I like East Asia a lot, countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan fascinate me.

But most people I know prefer Southeast Asia and countries like Vietnam or Thailand.

I’m not saying dont explore other places, but start with countries you know you will probably enjoy, and then start exploring outside your comfort zone once you find your feet as a digital nomad.

Fly Business, It Changes The Trip

If you can afford it fly business class.

I get it, short flights like an hour or 2 don’t matter.

But long flights are not fun in economy class.

Believe me, your whole trip experience will be different if you can sleep comfortably for most of the flight compared to the shake and bake in the back.

If you can’t afford the flights yet then start earning some points by joining airline miles programs so you can eventually fly business and not hate getting on an airplane.

I’m 6 feet tall and I used to hate going on long flights.

But all that changed when I started flying business class.

Yes, it costs more, but it’s totally worth it.

Don’t Be A Backpacker, Get A Suitcase With Wheels

I see a lot of grown men and women walking around in cities with big backpacks and most of them are traveling from city to city by airplane.

Seriously, the wheel was invented a long time ago, no need to put everything you own on your back.

Most of you are not going camping or in the jungle.

I get it, maybe you want to call yourself a “backpacker” but backpacking is overrated.

Get a suitcase with wheels.

It will give you a lot more space and will make your journey a lot more comfortable.

Don’t Just Do Tourist Stuff

Do the tourist stuff but dont just focus on seeing the sights.

Get in between the people of the city.

Ride the subway, drink coffee in the neighborhood cafe, and drink with the locals.

That’s how you get to experience a city.

The only way to experience the energy of a city is to mix it up with the locals.

Pay Extra And Live Comfortably

Again, when it comes to your accommodation pay a bit extra and stay in comfort.

Even in very expensive cities like Hong Kong, you can stay in good accommodation that will not break the bank.

It all depends on your priorities.

For me staying in a comfortable place that I feel at ease with is worth the extra money.

I see a lot of people live in a shared house to save a few bucks but then spend hundreds of dollars on booze and other unimportant things.

Find A Workspace To Get Your Work Done

Many digital nomads work from their Airbnb apartments or hotel rooms.

Nothing wrong with that, but you will get a lot more done if you go to a workspace.

You will be more productive with a good internet connection, a quiet space, and a big desk.

You will also be able to meet other entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Most popular digital nomad cities like Bangkok and Hong Kong have shared workspaces at very affordable rates.

For example, in Bangkok, “The Hive” is a good option to check out.

They also have a place in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia.

Don’t Be Surprised By Feelings Of Loneliness

One of the most common questions I get from people is,” Dont you get lonely?”

And my answer to that is,” Sometimes I feel lonely, but I’m not lonely.”

It’s normal to start feeling isolated or lonely when you have been moving around a lot or away from home for a long time.

It’s a combination of sensory overload and not staying long enough in one place to feel some familiarity.

This is an obstacle you need to experience first to understand it.

But there are ways to overcome it.

The best way to overcome it is to not move to a new city every month, take it easy, slow down, and stay for a while and meet some people.

However, if you feel lonely after just a few weeks away from home, then this lifestyle might not be for you.

Like I said in the beginning, it’s not for everyone.

Take Some Time To Observe Life

One of the best and most interesting things you can do in any city is to go sit down at a street cafe and just watch.

Observe the city and its people, no words are needed, order a cup of coffee, and get a feel for the city and the people.

You will soon notice an energy and you will start picking up on local customs and traditions.

Better yet, you’ll start to recognize the similarities and differences of human beings in different cultures around the world.

Get Into A Routine

When you get into a new city and you decide you want to make a city your base for a few months or even longer, get into a routine.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are on a neverending vacation.

Get into a routine by finding a good apartment that makes it easy to build a routine.

Start waking up at the same time and start getting things done.

Find A Gym And Keep Up The Maintenance

One of the best ways to stay healthy both mentally and physically is to find a gym and stay in shape.

Building a good foundation is important.

And making sure you are eating well and lifting weights is the best way to build that foundation.

Dont fall into the trap of thinking you will do it next week, get it done as soon as possible, it’s important.

Remember Your Why

Always remember your why.

Why did you decide to be a digital nomad?

What is your mission?

If you know what your mission is keep it fresh in your mind.

Write it down on a piece of paper to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.

We are all human and sometimes we need reminders to keep us focused and disciplined.

If you dont have a mission then I suggest you figure it out and start working towards it.

Yes, you want to travel the world and have more freedom.

But there must be something deeper that pushes you forward, figure it out and write it down.

Remind yourself why you do what you do.

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